Choosing UK Casinos: The Problems for Gambling Addicts

The Problems for Gambling Addicts

For some people, gambling has become an obsession and they only think about playing or getting the money to keep them playing. Gradually, these people come to neglect their family and professional responsibilities: they have become addicted to gambling. Interpersonal conflicts arise and are aggravated by debt or even by illegal activities.

When undChoosing UK Casinoser the influence of the game, players play too much money, too long and too often. After a while, they just can’t resist the obsession with gambling. Despite the accumulating problems, their ceaseless need to play is stronger than anything. Know that there are solutions and that you can receive help quickly and confidentially. Log on to for the best and the most important UK Casino choices.

How do you get out of gambling addiction?

Managing addiction to games, like many addictions, requires cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy. This therapy can possibly be supplemented by drug therapy. Protective measures (blocked bank accounts, casino ban) are often applied to help healing. The player’s entourage can also be supported during this difficult period.

Play by Pleasure

By definition, play is a pleasure, an entertainment which plays an essential role in the construction and balance of human beings.

  • However, it can, under certain circumstances, become a real pathology, resulting in more unhappiness than pleasure, including for those around you. At this stage (we speak then of compulsive gambler, or pathology of the game), the game becomes the center of the player’s thoughts and activities.

His relationship life is gradually falling apart, sometimes with serious financial and professional consequences (financial loans, dropping out of school, work), especially if the addiction is gambling. Which exist in various forms: the casino of course, but also poker or lotto-type games of chance knowing that online variants exist for all these games.

How does gambling addiction work?

Unlike alcohol or drug addiction, no “toxic” substance is involved in gambling addiction. However, it is very real. The mind of the player is completely taken over by the game, and he always needs more. Losing is never a reason to stop playing, quite the contrary: the move where the player can “redo” always seems to be the next one. When he becomes aware of his addiction, he wants to stop everything but, because of the discomfort caused by this abandonment, he is forced to start again in order to obtain temporary relief.

And all does not happen in the head: playing indeed causes a release of endorphins, true hormones of pleasure. This is a “natural” drug which would also be a hard drug. Still with this in mind, scientists have hypothesized that, in problem gamblers, dopamine, also involved in feelings of pleasure, is naturally little present. To compensate for this low dopamine level and obtain pleasure, these people would therefore have to find a compensatory mechanism in the game.

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